Good news on malaria, Issue 32, 06 February 2006

An unusual spirit of optimism is rising following a major scientific conference on malaria held in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

New debt-free start, Issue 32, 06 February 2006

Ann Pettifor tells the inside story of how Nigeria convinced the world it was a good bet for debt relief.

Olive oil - from Palestine, Issue 32, 06 February 2006

Palestinian olive growers on the West Bank are working towards producing fine, fair trade olive oil for European foodies, reports Louise Tickle.

India after the tsunami, Issue 32, 06 February 2006

Prodeepta Das travels to South India to see how coastal villages are recovering, one year after the tsunami struck.

Was 2005 the year of Africa?, Issue 32, 06 February 2006

2005 was billed as the year of Africa. It saw a host of launches, concerts, demos and conferences. Critics say not much has changed, but argues Paul Vallely, for 12,000 people a day, poverty really will become history.

Girl talk unveils lives, Issue 32, 06 February 2006

Online video, writes James Hole, has brought together young women from a marginalized Islamic community in Accra, Ghana, and students from Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School for Girls in London to explore their experience of gender and sex.

Post Tsunami reports, Issue 32, 06 February 2006

More than half of people who lost their jobs following the Asian tsunami are back to work and economies are fast returning to normal, according to a report by Oxfam International.

Livestock Guru cures cows, Issue 32, 06 February 2006

Researchers at the University of Reading have developed a multi-media programme for poor livestock farmers, based on a touch-sensitive computer screen which even those unable to read can use.

International Health Service, Issue 32, 06 February 2006

The widely overlooked global crisis in unsafe abortions has received timely support with a £3 million grant from the UK government to reinforce women’s sexual and reproductive health services.

A change is gonna come, Issue 32, 06 February 2006

A year ago, we asked on this page, “Is there a chance that 2005 could win its place in history as the year the world finally recognised – and acted upon – the scandal of poverty in (Africa)?” The answer is, yes.