Where credit’s due, Issue 38, 04 July 2016

Business leaders, Phil Smith and Eric Thurman, argue that microcredit is the world’s most powerful weapon against poverty.

Millions of miracles, Issue 38, 04 July 2016

2007 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus explains why social business enterprises are critical to ending poverty.

Rocky road ahead, Issue 38, 04 July 2016

Best-selling novelist Louis de Bernières reports on how schools are faring in Nepal following years of destructive civil war.

Making the Connections, Issue 38, 04 July 2016

Derek Nkata and Bill Dalton report on the ground-breaking partnership between schools in the Masindi district of Uganda and schools in the UK.

Blood from Stone, Issue 38, 04 July 2016

Hollywood blockbuster raises ‘diamond’ questions.

Joined Up Schooling, Issue 38, 04 July 2016

Bristol headteacher David Hussey recalls an invigorating exchange of experiences with a partner school in Uganda.

Out loud, Issue 38, 04 July 2016

Good governance in developing countries can only be achieved if the voices of the poor are heard and heeded, says John Madeley.

Growing goodness, Issue 38, 04 July 2016

A new plant breeding strategy promises to combat malnutrition, reports Yassir Islam.

Work for three instruments, Issue 38, 04 July 2016

His new book The Bottom Billion has been hailed by figures as disparate as Sir Nicholas Stern and George Soros – and in this opinion piece, economist Paul Collier recommends three policy steps to the G8 to reverse Africa’s decline.

Self service, Issue 38, 04 July 2016

In India’s traditionally patriarchal society, women’s self-help groups are driving a silent revolution, claims Prodeepta Das.